Peace Forum 2017 interviews (Lia Tarachansky & Rania Madi)

ICAHD Finland invited a Palestinian refugee rights defender and an Israeli filmmaker to the Peace Forum (2017, Finland). One thing connects them; they both want a fair solution for everyone in Israel/Palestine.

Rania Madi is a Palestinian who is not allowed to return to her home country because Israel prohibits it. She is an specialist in the UN and BADIL that is known for its work towards Palestinans` human rights. Madi had a presentation with the following tittle “100 years since Balfour: Colonialism, Refugees and Justice” at PeaceForum.

Check her interview:

Lia Tarachansky is an Israeli who grew up in an illlegal settlement in the occupied West Bank and who lives currently in Canada. She is a filmmaker and journalist who has documented Israel´s hate towards refugees, Gaza´s war in 2014 and Israel´s ethnic cleansing and it´s denial. She also had a representation at PeaceFroum with the following tittle: ”Threats to Democracy in Israel: Where Are They Leading?” and here you can find the presentation in PDF: The Rise of Fascism – Finland Version.

Check her interview:

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