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ICAHD Finland is a human rights organisation focusing on ending Israeli occupation and apartheid in a manner that is consistent with international law and that guarantees the rights of everyone living in Israel/Palestine. ICAHD Finland does not take sides in party politics.

ICAHD is an acronym for Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. ICAHD Finland was founded in 2009 as the Finnish branch of the Israeli organisation. ICAHD Finland is autonomous, and takes part in formulating common ICAHD positions together with the other branches.

We write about the Israel/Palestine conflict, publish our own research, articles and videos and keep contact with media and politicians. We also bring Israeli, Palestinian and international figures to speak in Finland. We take part in the ICAHD annual camps for rebuilding homes demolished by the occupation forces, and meet local activists.

ICAHD Finland is a member of the European Coordination Committee for Palestine (ECCP).

The main branch of ICAHD in Israel was founded in 1997.  In 2004, ICAHD was the first Israeli organisation to support the Palestinian boycott call. In 2012, ICAHD became the first Israeli organisation to take a public stand in favour of a one-state solution.

ICAHD’s founding member Jeff Halper was nominated for the Nobel peace prize in 2006, along with Ghassan Andoni, a founding member of the International Solidarity Movement. ICAHD has international branches in Finland, Germany, Great Britain and the United States.


Chair Syksy Räsänen

Material in English


ICAHD: Study Tours – Alternative Tours of Palestine/Israel

ECCP: Israeli Military Industries and the Oppression of the Great March of Return in Gaza

Jeff Halper on demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar: “Another chapter in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine”

Julkaistu 5.7.2018 Middle East Monitorin nettisivuilla, kirjoittaja Jeff Halper (ICAHDin johtaja)

Pride-viikko: Different Shades of Pinkwashing – Pinkkipesun monet sävyt

Trasek ry and ICAHD Finland arranges a panel discussion on the phenomenon called “Pinkwashing” during the Helsinki Pride Week. (Finnish descripion, please see below)

ECCP: “After Israel’s massacre in Gaza the EU must impose military embargo on Israel!”

Over 60 Palestinians were killed, including seven children and around 2000 demonstrators were injured on Monday, May 14th, as Israeli snipers fired live ammunition at protesters commemorating the 70th anniversary this week of the Nakba and protesting against the opening of the US embassy in East Jerusalem.

Other/Cinema: Films on Palestine and Israel

OTHER/CINEMA film screenings will continue on Thurday the 24th of May at 6 PM.

Jeff Halper: “The ‘One Democratic State Campaign’ program for a multicultural democratic state in Palestine/Israel”


Peace Forum 2017 interviews (Lia Tarachansky & Rania Madi)

ICAHD Finland invited a Palestinian refugee rights defender and an Israeli filmmaker to the Peace Forum (2017, Finland). One thing connects them; they both want a fair solution for everyone in Israel/Palestine.

Interview of ICAHD Director Jeff Halper

ICAHD director Jeff Halper is in the One Democratic State campaign, which aims to change Israel and the Occupied Territories from an Apartheid regime to a single democratic state.

Pakolaiset, rasismi ja politiikka: Israel, Suomi ja EU

Israeli Apartheid Week

December 2017 Demolition and Displacement report

December 2017 Demolition and Displacement report

In-depth political study tour to Palestine/Israel

November 2017 & March 2018