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ICAHD Finland is a human rights organisation that focuses on ending Israeli occupation and apartheid in a manner that is consistent with international law and that guarantees the rights of everyone living in Israel/Palestine. ICAHD Finland does not take sides in party politics.

ICAHD is an acronym for Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. ICAHD Finland, founded in 2009, is the Finnish branch of ICAHD. ICAHD Finland is an autonomous organisation, and takes part in formulating common ICAHD positions along with the other branches.

We write about the Israel/Palestine conflict, publish our own research, write articles and make videos and keep contact with media and politicians. We also bring Israeli, Palestinians and international figures to speak in Finland. We also take part in the annual camps for rebuilding homes demolished by the occupation forces, and meet local activists.

ICAHD Finland is a member of the European Coordination Committee for Palestine (ECCP). In Finland we collaborate with, among others, the Hakunila International organisation and Finnish Psychologists for Social Responsibility.

The main branch of ICAHD in Israel was founded in 1997. ICAHD combines grassroots action, high-level political analysis and influencing decision-makers. For example, ICAHD organises rebuilding camps, where internationals, Palestinians and Israelis together rebuild homes demolished by the occupation forces, publishes statistics and case studies of human rights violations and analysis on solutions to the conflict as well as acting in the United Nations. In the year 2004, ICAHD was the first Israeli organisation that supported the Palestinian boycott call. In the year 2012, ICAHD became the first Israeli organisation that took a stand in favour of a one-state solution.

ICAHD’s founding member and director Jeff Halper was nominated for the Nobel peace prize in 2006, along with Ghassan Anson, who was a founding member of the International Solidarity Movement. ICAHD has special consultative status at the UN Economic and Social Council ECOSOC. In addition to the main organisation in Israel, ICAHD has branches in Australia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and the United States.




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Material in English


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Israel’s Absurd Attacks on BDS Reveal Its Desperation

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EU-US trade deal mustn’t stifle calls for Israel boycott, say unions

ICAHD Finlandin allekirjoittama kirje TTIP:tä vastaan. CAHD Finland on, yli 150 muun järjestön kanssa, allekirjoittanut kirjeen TTIP-kauppasopimusta vastaan. Yhdysvallat ja EU neuvottelevat kyseistä sopimusta, enimmäkseen salassa. Kesäkuussa Yhdysvalloissa tuli voimaan laki, jonka mukaan Yhdysvaltojen eräs päätavoite neuvotteluissa on Israel-boikottien vastustaminen. Toteutuessaan TTIP voisi tehdä osasta boikotteja laittomia EU:ssa.

Joint Letter to UN Secretary General: Terminate Contracts with G4S

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Struggle by Turkey’s Kurds Will Succeed But What About Palestine?

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Western Media Continue to Ignore the Palestinian Human Rights Community

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The Campaign Against G4S at University of Helsinki Was Successful

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JNF ja Maailma kylässä -festivaali

Israelissa on huomioitu, että JNF (Jewish National Fund) ei enää pääse Maailma kylässä -festivaaleille. AIC:n kirjoitus aiheesta täällä ja Middle East Monitorin kirjoitus täällä.

Israel’s New Knesset Mainstreams Fascist Rhetoric

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