Haku ICAHDin rakennusleirille on auki!

ICAHDin jälleenrakennusleiri tulee taas! Vuonna 2017 ajankohta on 16.-29. heinäkuuta.

(Original announcement for the building camp in English below)

Aiempien vuosien leirit ovat olleet miehitetyllä Länsirannalla. Tänä kesänä osa leiristä on Länsirannalla Jordanin laaksossa ja osa Israelissa Negevin autiomaassa. Leirillä pääsee näkemään sen, miten samanlaista Israelin politiikka on rajan molemmin puolin. Rakentamisen lisäksi leiriin kuuluu paikallisten toimijoiden, järjestöaktiivien, YK:n työntekijöiden ja muiden tapaamista eri puolilla Israelia ja Länsirantaa.

Leiri on sekä käytännön tapa osallistua väkivallattomaan vastarintaan että saada selkeä kuva siitä, mitä paikan päällä tapahtuu.

Leirille ilmoittautumisen deadlin on 15. toukokuuta. Leirimaksu on 1400 Yhdysvaltain dollaria. Järjestämme rahallista tukea opiskelijoille ja muille vähävaraisille osallistujille – yksityiskohtia myöhemmin!

Suomalaisten kiintiö leirille on viisi henkilöä. Leirihakemukset ovat vapaamuotoisia: kerro mikä sinua leirille tulossa kiinnostaa, oletko aiemmin käynyt Israelissa tai miehitetyillä palestiinalaisalueilla ja oletko aiemmin ollut mukana Palestiina-solidaarisuustoiminnassa tai muussa kansalaisjärjestötyössä. Leirille tuleminen ei edellytä mitään aiempaa Palestiina-solidaarisuustoimintaa!

Lisätietoja saa ja hakemuksia voi lähettää osoitteeseen icahd@icahd.fi.


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16-29 July 2017, in the Jordan Valley and the Naqab/Negev

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) invites you to participate in its 13th building camp.

Join with Palestinians and Israelis in a powerful act of non-violent political resistance — building in Palestinian communities.

Learn about Palestine/Israel and its issues through an extensive educational programme of field trips throughout the country and meetings with activists from both communities.

Strengthen your involvement in the global movement for peace in the Middle East by learning about the issues and how to advocate for justice.


This year ICAHD is offering a new programme reflecting two of the major issues underlying the Israeli/Palestinian conflict: occupation and the process of “judaisation,” transforming Palestine into the Land of Israel. Both of these eliminate any possibility of Palestinian self-determination.

The programme begins with a two-day orientation in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Hebron, where participants will be introduced to the country and will meet local activists.

The group will then move to the Jordan Valley, a key site of displacement and occupation in the West Bank. We will spend five days there working with local Palestinians fighting to stay on their lands and supporting their struggle by constructing an ecological mud brick community centre in one of the besieged communities. Over that time we will have opportunities to interact both with local families and with activists, as well as visit Palestinian organizations in the West Bank and Jordan Valley.

We will then embark on a two-day tour of Israel, visiting Nazareth and the Galilee, then going on to the Jaffa/Tel Aviv area, meeting activists and seeing the sites on the way.

We will then move to the Naqab/Negev for our final three days. There we will join the Bedouin community in its struggle to preserve its lands and way of life in the face of displacement and judaisation. Besides interacting with the families and activists, we will engage in a meaningful building project in one of the unrecognized villages.

Over the course of the programme you will visit a variety of areas, meet Palestinian and Israeli activists, learn the issues behind the conflict, engage with local Palestinian and Bedouin residents, partake in solidarity activities and acquire critical skills of advocacy.



Who are we?

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) is an Israeli peace and human rights organisation founded in 1997 to end the Israeli occupation and advocate for a just peace in Palestine/Israel. It has focused primarily on Israel’s policy of the demolition of Palestinian homes (almost 50,000 in the Occupied Territory since 1967, more than 120,000 throughout the country since 1948), and it has rebuilt 189 homes as political acts of resistance. ICAHD then “translates” the facts on the ground into effective advocacy tools: critical analysis conveyed through articles, pamphlets, books, maps, presentations, films and social media.

What does the camp programme cost?

Each participant pays a fee of $1400 which covers all expenses: food, accommodation, the educational programme, building expenses, learning materials and travel (except plane tickets and travel to and from Jerusalem). If you cannot pay the entire sum up-front, monthly payments can be arranged, with the final payment due June 1st.

If you cannot attend but would like to support our work, you could help fund a young person who might not otherwise have the resources to participate.

Is it safe?

You will be living in an area of conflict and engaging in activities to resist the Israeli Occupation. The Israeli authorities could disrupt our building activities, though we will not confront them. We will be guests of the local communities, and during previous ICAHD rebuilding camps no one has ever been injured or arrested.

What about insurance?

You will need to take out private travel insurance. This expense is not covered by the camp.

Do I need a visa to travel to Israel/Palestine?

Access to the Palestinian territories is controlled by Israel. Citizens from Western countries do not need visas to enter Israel, but your passport does have to be valid for 6 months from the last day of the trip.

How fit do I have to be?

People from the ages of 18 to 82 have participated in our camps. The travel and living conditions can be “challenging” and the weather will be hot. You will have to fill out a form letting us know if you have any medical, physical or psychological conditions that might affect you or others in the course of the camp.

Is there a cancellation policy?

All funds paid to ICAHD will be put towards the rebuilding, whether you decide to attend the camp or not. If the camp is cancelled (an unlikely event), you will be fully reimbursed.

How do I apply?

 Contact rebuilding@icahduk.org, or the representatives of the ICAHD chapter nearest to you:

ICAHD USA: info@icahdusa.org

ICAHD Finland: icahd@icahd.fi

ICAHD Germany: doris@icahd.de

ICAHD Australia: icahdaus@gmail.com

ICAHD UK: rebuilding@icahduk.org

ICAHD Israel/Palestine: info@icahd.org


The application deadline is May 15th 2017

We know you will find the camp a challenging, exciting, moving and meaningful learning experience – and political statement. Join us! But if you can’t, please consider sponsoring a young person of your choice, or ours.

See you in July!

“The ICAHD rebuilding camp has changed my life. To help build a house for someone in need is very fulfilling. The ICAHD program gave me a chance to learn from many very committed and deeply informed people. The international camp team were inspirational, freely sharing their wide experience and understanding. Some came from strong Zionist families and struggled to remain loyal to family whilst living their commitment to Palestinian rights.” L Burrows, UK, 2015 camp

“Thank you again for the great experience I had by participating in the camp. I nearly didn’t come, feeling it would all be too much (the sleeping on the floor!!). So very glad I did – it was one of the best experiences of my life. S Parfitt, UK, 2015 camp

ICAHD’s 2017 is done in partnership with:

The Jordan Valley Solidarity Campaign

Haqel – Jews and Arabs in Defense of Human Rights